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This series includes 3 workshops over the first year (parents can choose to come to any 1, 2 or all 3 workshops), and is designed for new, as well as experienced, parents. The workshop content is different to birthing antenatal classes, or your first mums’ / parents’ group, and is relevant to all family members and carers:

  1. "Baby Ready" (antenatal) 

  2. "Baby Steady" (newborn to approx 3 months)

  3. "Baby Go" (approx 6 to 10 months)

These workshops are all about understanding and supporting infant behaviours, physical development and brain development, and will be run several times a year.

Each workshop is $80 for the first adult, and half-price/$40 for an accompanying partner/support person

Grandparents now FREE, and babies are of course welcome at all workshops!

Baby Ready (antenatal)

Workshop #1

How to interpret your newborn’s actions, postures & gestures, minimise stress during activities (e.g. bathing) & provide comfort during discomfort (e.g. during immunisations)

Attending a "Baby Ready" antenatal workshop will help you learn how to:

  • Recognise your baby's behavioural cues (e.g. signs of stress or coping)

  • Support & encourage your baby's self-soothing skills (yes, they have already started practising in-utero!)

  • Provide comfort during discomfort (e.g. blood tests & immunisations)

  • Minimise stress during bathing (especially the 1st bath!), weighing, dressing etc.

  • Understand the impact of your baby's environment on their behaviour

Baby Steady (newborn to ~3 months)

Workshop #2

Making life easier (for you & baby!) by reading & responding to subtle behavioural cues. Learn strategies to support early development (especially self-regulation) throughout your day.

Attending This "Baby steady" workshop will help you learn about:

  • Strategies to support your baby’s early development progress (especially self-regulation)

  • The importance of your baby's behavioural cues (e.g. signs of stress or coping)

  • Your baby's ‘states of arousal’ – what are they and how do they guide our activities?

  • Options for tummy-time fun (& optimising head shape)

  • Tips to enjoy baby massage

  • Settling strategies and supporting sleep

  • Getting support and looking after you

Baby GO header with text.png

Baby GO! (babies ~7—10 months)

Workshop #3

How to support sleep & play skills with babies on the go. Babies are individuals, but what's typical & what's not? Enhancing connections with your baby & supporting early brain development.

Attending This "Baby GO!" workshop will help you learn:

  • The essentials of early brain development

  • Sensory development in relation to your growing baby

  • Behavioural cues – a recap!

  • Infant development – how does it vary, need we worry?

  • Promoting development through play and everyday activities – finding the right 'pitch' for your baby

  • Settling and sleeping – how do we do this on the go?

  • The 'good–enough' parent and looking after you

What is this workshop series about, who is it for, and why?


o   This is a workshop series for expectant and new parents, experienced parents, carers, family and friends. These workshops are all about developing a greater understanding of infant development in the first year of life, and, importantly, understanding behavioural cues (which can be very subtle, particularly in young babies).

o   Having this additional knowledge can help to make all those everyday activities that you do (as a parent or carer) a little less stressful, and play-times more rewarding, for both you and your baby.  Knowledge not only gives you increased confidence, but more options, when responding to your baby.


o   All workshops are relevant to parents expecting their first, or subsequent, baby. Grandparents, family members, or others involved in your baby’s care are all welcome. When the people providing support to you (the parents) during these exciting, but often challenging, times, receive the same information as you about baby development, this can help to minimise tension when you are all trying to work out what is best for your baby (enabling you to support each other better).


o   Current research will always improve our knowledge and understanding of how we care for babies. Advise to parents therefore continually evolves.

o   Nisha comes from both a research (Murdoch Childrens Research Institute) and clinical (Royal Women’s Hospital Neonatal Nurseries; community paediatrics) background, and seeks to bridge the gap between research findings in the field of infant neurobehaviour (babies’ behavioural, physical and neurological development) and clinical practice. This has particular importance for the information and advice that is given to parents.

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FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Q. Is the ‘Baby Ready’ ante-natal workshop different to the traditional ante-natal sessions run by birthing services?

A. YES, quite different! 

The focus of these workshops is on understanding early infant development, rather than the stages of pregnancy, birthing, and lactation, which tend to be the focus of most ante-natal classes. These developmental workshops for parents will compliment (not replace) traditional ante-natal classes.


Q. Will I benefit from these workshops if this is not my first baby?

A. YES, I believe so!

An important focus of the “Baby Ready, Steady, Go” workshop series is to gain an understanding from the developmental perspective of a baby. Broadening your knowledge of early development can help to shape how you respond to your baby’s needs as they grow and mature, providing you with different ways to offer support and enhance development.

These workshops will also provide you with ideas about how you can juggle newborn activities with the aid of a sibling! Help your older children to feel important and involved by enlisting their help to spot their new baby sibling’s behavioural cues.


Q. Do I need to attend all 3 workshops?

A. No, it is not essential to attend each of the 3 workshops. You may come to any 1, 2 or of course, all 3!

An important aspect of all three works shops is gaining an understanding of infant behavioural cues (body language), and being able to apply this knowledge to your own baby’s situation and his or her communication attempts. Thus each of the workshops will touch on behavioural cues and help you to apply them to your baby’s current stage of development. Having attended the proceeding workshop will be helpful, but not essential.


Q. Can I bring more than I support person with me to workshops?

A. Yes, you can bring up to 2 additional support people for half-price (any more than 2 will need to purchase a full price ticket)