Infant clinic: supporting families and babies with early infant development



Entelechy Therapy

Level 1, 199 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill, Victoria 3068



  • Individual appointments
  • Group sessions/workshops
  • Home-visits possible


For whom?

  • Any mother, father, carer or baby who is finding some aspect of infant development or every day care challenging
  • Babies / families on waiting lists e.g. for Early Intervention Services / Plagiocephaly Clinic / Sleep or Feeding Clinics
  • Parents or carers seeking additional information about early development

Babies may be:

  • Well babies
  • Babies born early
  • Babies having difficulty engaging, regulating behaviour (or movement), self-calming or who are easily overwhelmed (seem very sensitive)
  • Babies recovering from illness or hospitalisation
  • Babies who are developmentally at risk
  • Babies with specific diagnoses or developmental needs

Parents may be: 

  • Any parents, carers or parents-to-be
  • Parents with PND or history of depression



  • Health Professionals (e.g. GPs, Maternal and Child Health Nurses, Paediatricians, Allied Health practitioners)
  • Parents can also self-refer



  • Fee schedule will be provided upon request
  • Medicare rebate available with appropriate care plan (for example, a CDM Plan) from a GP or paediatrician
  • Private Health Insurance rebates available with some policies
  • Reduced fees for Health Care Card holders